THE ART OF DENIM - Denim Creative Craft

Maybe this is art not craft but where to draw the line?

Choi So Young -

Choi So Young - , pattern , , pattern ,

Marja Matiisen  -

Marja Matiisen -

What amazing talent all who we have selected display. And what an amazing body of work.

Without denim jeans we wouldn’t have such creativity but the work from these artists rises far above the mere garment.

THE ART OF DENIM - Denim Sculpture & Installation

Again we want to share the amazing work of JIM ARENDT. This time through his denim sculpture.


Is it Craft? Is it Art? It is an energetically abstract use of denim art by American Artist TERI GANDY-RICHARDSON.

Teri Gandy- Richardson -

Teri Gandy- Richardson -

IAN BERRY recently exhibited his skills at the smallest gallery in London - in Soho. Featuring original album covers realised in denim from Soho Records. AMAZING!

Ian Berry ‘Soho Records’ Exhibition @ The Smallest Gallery in Soho -

Ian Berry ‘Soho Records’ Exhibition @ The Smallest Gallery in Soho -

Close ups from Record sleeves by Ian Berry


Ian Berry's First exhibit of his denim record store at the Catto Gallery from 21st November 2013


IAN BERRY is a British artist living in London. He creates work solely from indigo denim re-using old jeans and jackets and fashioning them into urban landscapes and other unique works of art.

Collage of various images from Ian Berry’s Denim London series -

Collage of various images from Ian Berry’s Denim London series -

Anna Weber denim artist. Talking Heads below appear almost animated.

Anna Weber -

Anna Weber -

Jim Arendt an American artist specialising creating the “the everyday” from denim . Realising his images in both flatted collaged denim as well as 3D and sculpture pieces.

Ian Berry

Ian Berry

Another beauty from Ian Berry.

THE ART OF DENIM - Denim as a Canvas

Light Circle Art is painting onto denim, available on Etsy.

Mike Bouchet’s exhibition “ denim-rear-view-mirror” at the Marlborough Contemporary Gallery 2017.

Mike Bouchet -

Mike Bouchet -

Pam Glew -

Pam Glew -

Another portrait from PAM GLEW.


Denim has been an iconic fabric for generations. It is a fabric like no other with quixotic properties of losing its indigo colour after washing, bleaching and sunlight exposure. As well as harnessing the desire of both the mass jeans market as well as of those aficionados of the blue stuff denim has captured the imagination of creative artists Worldwide.

From the use of pre-loved indigo denim as a craft form it is now used as a high art form by unbelievable talented creatives using denim as paint. Its unique ability to bleach down, wear down/out and display different casts of blue enables such artists to take the use of denim to a much higher level than mere jeans.

Jim Hodges -

Jim Hodges -

Jim Hodges needs no introduction from a mere denim mortal such as myself.

"Jim Hodges: Give More Than You Take" is co-organized by the DMA and the Walker Art Center and co-curated by Jeffrey Grove, the DMA's Hoffman Family Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, and the Walker's Executive Director Olga Viso.

PAM GLEW. Is a contemporary British artist who is best known for her distinctive bleaching techniques and use of recycled denims. Portraiture is a speciality where her use of bleach and recycled denims bring another life to her faces.

Indigo/ bleach shibori techniques

Indigo/ bleach shibori techniques

OLD SKOOL - 1950's Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Super high waisted Mom jeans in dark textured indigo denim. To complete the 1950’s inspired ensemble add skimpy short sleeves with ditsy print or embroidered motifs.


Matelot stripes with wide retro neckline works perfectly with straight cut or Mom jeans. Don’t forget the rolled cuffs.


Bare midriffs, front tie shirts and high buttoned cardi’s work with high waisted easy cut well worn indigo denims. Crackle textured denim is essential for these Mom jeans. Now with stretch to help their fit.