ALL ECO - Recycled Denim

REDONE is a truly “green” jeans company. Born on line. Using Pre-owned Levi jeans. what’s not to like?



REDONE mostly tries to use old Levi pre-owned jeans. Cutting them, re-stying, re-finishing to achieve a more contemporary shape or fit whist retaining the original denim which has the benefit of years of previous much loved wear.

So no contaminating cotton crop or excessive use of water plus the jeans feel soft and worn in.

Where the jeans are newly made they are made using denim from sustainable denim manufacture and finished with water conserving processes. They are made in downtown LA where transport is readily available so no expensive and polluting transportation.

REDONE also customises old Levis to your personal specification. Now there’s something to lust after.


Recycling jeans - the growth of thrift stores. A vintage jean is a lustworthy thing! It has character, history, aged aesthetic and soft hand. If it fits real well then it is a true find. Real old good quality vintage jeans are getting harder to find. This however is just one benefit of the specialist denim thrift store. The main benefit is finding jeans that fit both size and aesthetic plus have caused no harm to the environment.

In addition the thrift / flea market is an exciting and personal way to shop but it takes a lot of energy and resolve! The rewards are to find the perfect fitting worn in original jean.



SILK DENIM is another brand which uses recycled denim Requiring the process to be unique for every garment made. Personal customising is also an option with the Silk Mother and daughter partnership.

If you are bored with your existing jeans or have grown out of them then go to MY SilkDenim page and find your salvation.


Very soon every yard of denim will be perfectly green and sustainable!

Such utopia will be a while coming but we are getting there. Isko is nearly there.

I talked about the “non cotton” jean which of course is as green as it gets right now. Once the remaining harmful chemicals used in dyeing and finishing have been totally eliminated then we will wear our jeans with a clear conscience. That time is not far away. I work closely with manufacturers of both denim and jeans can report that they are all working hard to be as responsible and sustainable as technology will currently allow.

Good News indeed!