ALL ECO - future green denim

Some of the suggestions below are already here and some are still in the sky!


DRY DENIM is here and is lovely but you the consumer have not yet embraced it fully. Buy the jeans unwashed and wear them in personally to your own shape and your own wear marks - wallet marks; knee indents; naturally roe or splashed areas. The drawback of this is that the jeans will shrink slightly once washed by you. The answer is don’t!! just turn inside out at night and hang in the fresh air or put in the freezer overnight.

DRY DENIM can also refer to a dark jean that has been dry tumbled. Put into the machine without water and with rubber balls. These remove the finishing starch making the jeans more comfy at the outset.

The secret with all the dry denims is that you are embracing water conservation therefore, you must not wash them yourself. They look better with a few scraps and spills- stories to tell.

Vans with Silvadur Coating

Vans with Silvadur Coating

SILVADUR uses antibacterial silver ions in the fibre that we weave into the denim to make the jean stay fresher for longer. Silver has natural anti-microbial properties and having it woven into the fabric makes those properties permanent. Having denim with Sivadur enables you to buy your DRY DENIM and wear without washing time and time again with confidence.

FUR DENIM - sounds exciting!

Fur is outlawed in many countries yet we love the concept. So instead of the super SHRIMPS fake fun fur why not embrace indigo fur?

Ksenia Schnaider in the Ukraine cares about the environment as well as keeping warm and loving jeans. Ksenia worked with ISKO development team to create the first “fur denim”. Of course coming from Isko the product is woven but if you cast your mind back to childhood and there are many ways to experiment and play with knitting, crochet, threading and weaving strips plus fluffing and cropping fibres to create ragged effects. Rather like rag rugs for the body.

TIZIANO GUARDINI’S denim “fur” features laters of shred denim that mimics the volume and movement of fur. Again the fabrics were developed in conjunction with Isko creative room at Isko’s Italian hub. Of course such denim fur is totally sustainable as it is all recycled denims - ethical and fun.