Flea markets and junkyards are enjoying a revival, newly popular with the young denim heads. Finding only more of the same old, same old on the high street the more adventurous are scouting further afield for new denim excitement.


Where shapes are original denims are likewise, both with a history and romance not to be found in normal shops.

The touch is worn in soft rather than chemically achieved softness.  The light indigo is generally worn in and worn out lightened rather than chemically bleached.   Whilst the shape is baggy given the jeans were someone else's  first being cinched at the waist achieves  a more contemporary silhouette.

Long Beach Antique Market 

Long Beach Antique Market 

Original Vintage jeans have achieved parallel status of vintage Louis Vuitton bags.   Vintage and flea markets in the USA are over subscribed with lovers of the original.   Items be they original or simply old have mostly  been cleaned, repaired, washed ready for another owner.  There are some however which remain in their original unwashed unworn dusty state - maybe, just maybe here is a real original find!


Real vintage finds and revived popularity of seeking them out will serve to perpetuate the romance of blue denim on the high street.   Some prefer to have the originals replicated for them others prefer to experience the joy and excitement of finding the original for themselves..