Cool tailoring takes denim into high style and catwalk fashion.   Since the development of denim processes that minimise fabric shrinkage we are now able to style jackets and jeans such that they do not distort when cleaned or washed.

Some many years ago Levi created some ultra cool off beat shapes in the "collectibles" Asia collection.  Beautiful shaped panelling, over stitching and big accessory details. Completed with red selvedge greenish indigo from a local Asia source.  What a pity it ceased - maybe they might consider a revival and share with the rest of the World!   

cool cuts.jpg

Osklen's dropped crotch harem jeans look ugly but are super flattering.  The denim has comfort stretch and has a slight green cast due to the laundry tint. I am still not personally loving the ankle zip it renders the garment a bit too tricksy whilst the shape is not that at all.

cool cuts3.jpg

The masculine shaped Levi Red jean from many years back - for brave women - is a super rich green cast with an ultra high back and dipped front completed with side darts.  The Levi Red super swoop pocket stitching needs the massive back pocket. Pity they didn't use red selvedge denim as well!

cool cuts4.jpg

Remember the Levi twisted jean from the 1990's?  An icon that disappeared all too soon - taken out of the EU collection all too quickly. The denim was linen cotton with no stretch. It would have been enhanced with a little comfort.  The side seams were twisted and shaped into the dipped front ankle with the waist being high at the back and lower at the front.  A truly ground breaking original design from a Dutch product design company, which put Levi on the fashion denim map at that time.

cool cuts5.jpg

The M+F Girbaud "skirt belt" is another super creative use of denim.  Wear it over anything and everything which brings denim into every part of the wardrobe.  The cool detailing  and clever shaping makes it a really exciting garment to have at my disposal.   Additionally, every part of the tiny garment takes a vintage wash giving it even more attitude.

cool cuts8.jpg