Studs and Rhinestones

Studs are an obvious means of decoration being a natural part of the jean alongside pocket rivets and button fly.

From there it is a simple one step to the stud becoming a rhinestone.

We can have the most fun creating patterns using only shiny studs in different colours.  Rhinestone studs in combination with ripping and shredding techniques creates a jean which travels with ease from day to party.

Studs and sequins combine with embroidery adding a different dimension of colour and form to simple studding.

L: ©Anerican Denim: A Ne Folk Art

L: ©Anerican Denim: A Ne Folk Art

Ultra bling in rhinestone studs in this customised Levi trucker jacket.  Better with the coarse 3x1 twill as an indigo base than something more elegant = attraction of opposites.