Bleached and Lasered

White can also start black!  In denim we can make anything happen.

Black denim, pigment coated white followed by a heavy scrape to reveal the black inside. Scraping simply as a worn effect or crackled to create a pattern. The laundry is the place for artistry be it by traditional drum tumbling or laser creation.


Bleached out white coveralls started life as a utility garment which has  morphed into daily fashion. In this case for a guy but it is a look which is totally gender neutral.  We wore denim overalls, now boiler suits, in the 60's which resembled old flying jackets. We do so again today. Worker and painter coveralls are likewise on trend for both genders.

©Denim Style

©Denim Style

Trend Direction: NANTUCKET

Close Up - Bright Bright Whites

Paige ripped white high stretch skinnies. Super comfy.  We suggest combining with this cool easy white linen shirt.

The same shirt can also be paired with these white heavily ripped boyfriend shorts from Mother denim. 

Below we see some beautiful examples of white styles brought to us from Spanish brand Zara

Girbaud baggy cropped whites with massive amounts of detailing. Background fabric is white on white cotton jacquard with top stitching instead of ripping, decorative taping at pockets and zippers at ankles. Tons going on but a very cool baggy boy style.

Baggy and straight whites from NFS below. They are white but with a hint of pale indigo. Double layered in parts with pale washed out indigo peeking through plus interesting top stitching.  You have to be a brave soul to wear such big holes.

Bright whites from MiH and J Brand to satisfy the girls and Zara for the boys.  White is ultra cool.