MY ARCHIVES Fashion Icons

Icons of denim fashion have stood the test of time and achieved the tricky balance between being renowned for classic and or vintage jeanswear and fashion denim.  

One such brand is Replay.  After the partnership split with Renzo Rosso of Deisel,  Replay became a more young fashion denim brand. This example is of their Mexican influenced mini skirt from their Brazilian franchise - embellished with naif handwork it is almost a work of denim art, the skirt being the vehicle for the creative embroidery.

skirt replay.jpg

By contrast another denim fashion brand - Energie specialises in different cutting and fabric combos. It is a men's brand, this again shows my preference for mens jeans. In this case the extreme high waist or extreme dropped crotch, whichever works for you!  Cleverly combines tweed at the front and coated denim at the back with leather detailing and accessories. 


MiH big cuff Phoebe jeans are creatively enhanced by the ripping and Shibori patching.  And to note that the Phoebe jeans from MiH always use red selvedge authentic denims.  Although my stated preference is for men's denim the exception is with MiH as they are the only girls brand that stays true to its roots and heritage of being an iconic 70's brand.  Using only the best ringspun and Japanese denim and concentrating on the fit that works best for the shape.

denim fashion icons5.jpg

What was once a vintage jacket with sleeves has with careful ripping and destruction, become a fashion gilet. 

denim fashion icons3.jpg

Fashion denim from MiH is exploring and promoting original denim design from the 70's.  Their Golborne road project showcased items from Bay Garnett from her 70's vintage edit.  Here is a bleached out and studded hippie jacket which would not have looked out of place in the original Kensington Market, so evoking memories of that place and time. And of the same vintage i have the indigo chunky knit from Geo Trowark who were one of the first knitwear companies to use indigo dyed yarn outside of the denim business. As indigo is such a quixotic dye it is very hard to work with and make fast. The answer is in the case of chunky knits - don't wash it.

denim fashion icons 7.jpg

My one and main indulgence was and still is, the patched and pieced big jean from Junya Watanabe of Come Des Garconnes. Super creative and almost ugly in its beauty.  A piece to keep forever.

denim fashion icons4.jpg


Workstyle is integral with vintage given that the fist jeans were worn by both railroad workers and cowboys - both for heavy duty work.

The violet blue worker jacket is a real vintage item that i still wear when the mood takes me.  The flapped pockets and collarless style have a charm enhanced by the oddly restored cuffs- one contrast blue and the other missing and frayed.

My Kapital work shirt - not vintage but it is from the stable of super Japanese style.  Extreme dark crisp denim with white top stitching - a truly classic piece. Works with non denim clothing to add denim to everything.



My G Star work style jeans whilst not old are a real favourite. The shape is great enhanced by  braces attached by original button carriers.  Additionally the denim fabric works in harmony with the renowned  G Star washing.

In combo with the AG little work jacket in a new indigo dobby basket weave the two make a real statement.  This jacket has 3 small flap pockets with the 4th being "blind".    Here is another item that works just as well with non denim clothing - avoiding the double denim look.

utility panel.jpg

Almost military style worker jacket with patch and flapped pockets, epaulettes and super practical side pockets. Heavy wear laundry treatment makes it soft and even more desirable.  There is no shame in loving a contemporary piece of "vintage workwear".  This time from Current Elliott.  Not a brand usually associated with the best of vintage but sometimes they can surprise.

utility panel3.jpg

Diesel - an old favourite in brand terms and for specific items.  All my Diesel jeans are men's.  They demonstrate such attention to detail in fabric, cut and laundry they cannot be overlooked by a denim head.    These are the most comfy and flattering baggy jeans i own. Dropped crotch, perfect styling and superbly creative washing.  The look is old workwear but the reality is contemporary jeans style.

utility panel4.jpg