TEXTURE - Textured Yarns

Textural dimension is created with the use of textured yarns as well as creative weaves.

Denim creators continue to strive for that elusive naturally aged appeal of original aged denims. Those found in the mines of California. The effects of using such “fancy” textured yarns create a “must have” appeal when used in an open 3x1 construction.


Melange and marled yarns being black and white or dark colour and white serve to break up any patterns. The combination of indigo and melange yarns create a visual trick of multi dimension to the denim.


Nepps, loops, noiled yarns create a surface texture reminiscent of old tweeds. When worked into coarse denim which enjoys the natural quick loss of indigo colour- the effect is dramatic. The look is of really old miners denims having an aged charm.


Softness is THE most desired aesthetic and touch for denim right now. So the surface appeal of fluffy yarns and soft fluffed texture give the impression of softness as well as the touch.