Trend Direction: FESTIVAL

Close Up - Bleached

Shibori hand dyed MiH overshirt in vibrant indigo.  Smock style wears as a mini dress or painters overall shirt.

Tie dyes; crackle finishes; splash dye effects and resist dyeing.  All in high contrast starting with extreme dark indigo bleached out to almost white.

To achieve dip dye at home simply dip the bottom into a bowl of bleach, let it dwell for a time emerging further up the garment for a shorter time to get a graduated look.  Then splash and flick more bleach liberally with a paintbrush to get the splattered look.

Wild dye effects where extreme contrast is achieved by stitching in pleats, white spray bleaching, releasing when the garment is dry.  Before the pleats are released this garment has been acid washed as well.  The acid wash is achieved by soaking the pumice stones in a strong solution of bleach and tumbling them together with the garment in a dry drum. Acid wash must not be attempted at home.