Create & Decorate Denim Fashionistas

Celebs love denim, whether in their down time or on stage.  It is a fabric and culture that enables anonymity and is a great leveller.  Once comfortable in the skin of denim it is natural that when in the spotlight it is this fabric to which celebrities turn.  Guys like to demonstrate attitude with rips and shreds and grunge effects gals love to embellish.  They love to add fun, colour, badges and messages.   Such flamboyance demonstrated by the "stars" spins off into young fashion quicker than from the catwalk through instagram, pinterest and other instant vehicles of communication.

Kylie is such a bundle of positive energy, a role model for all both young and not so young it is no wonder that when she decorates her denim others follow in droves.

The unconventionality of denim fits the controversial attitude of Miley Cyrus.  She is outspoken and unafraid of doing crazy things, likewise with her clothes, boldly decorating and embellishing herself with fun items.  Given she is such a pop icon she has huge influence on her adoring fans and has spawned many streetwise look a likes guaranteeing the continuity of this trend for decorating the blue stuff.

Cher has always been a fashionista changing her look at every turn and at every performance.  She has always based her look on a certain sexy bohemian jeans spirit with embellishment being very much a part of her look from when she first set foot on stage to even now. Never afraid to wear a lot of bling on her denim she is a great ambassador for the product and always has been a huge fashion influence.