Create & Decorate Denim Fashionistas

Celebs love denim, whether in their down time or on stage.  It is a fabric and culture that enables anonymity and is a great leveller.  Once comfortable in the skin of denim it is natural that when in the spotlight it is this fabric to which celebrities turn.  Guys like to demonstrate attitude with rips and shreds and grunge effects gals love to embellish.  They love to add fun, colour, badges and messages.   Such flamboyance demonstrated by the "stars" spins off into young fashion quicker than from the catwalk through instagram, pinterest and other instant vehicles of communication.

Kylie is such a bundle of positive energy, a role model for all both young and not so young it is no wonder that when she decorates her denim others follow in droves.

The unconventionality of denim fits the controversial attitude of Miley Cyrus.  She is outspoken and unafraid of doing crazy things, likewise with her clothes, boldly decorating and embellishing herself with fun items.  Given she is such a pop icon she has huge influence on her adoring fans and has spawned many streetwise look a likes guaranteeing the continuity of this trend for decorating the blue stuff.

Cher has always been a fashionista changing her look at every turn and at every performance.  She has always based her look on a certain sexy bohemian jeans spirit with embellishment being very much a part of her look from when she first set foot on stage to even now. Never afraid to wear a lot of bling on her denim she is a great ambassador for the product and always has been a huge fashion influence.

Create & Decorate: Creative Repair

Creative repairing has risen above the mere mending of rips and shreds.  Enter flamboyant contrast and decorative fabrics to place on the outside of the garment or visibly from the inside. Either way it must be seen. Such additions to denim adds a new attitude and makes denims more appealing to a larger audience.  Taking the simple jean to an audience who may not hitherto have been in love with just denim.



Repairing by MiH jeans; Egome Denim; Junya Watanabe.  Contrast repairing techniques can add to the love of the jeans or in the case of Watanabe they make a new attitude taking jeans to a whole new and different level.




Creative repair can also be all about stitchery.  Stitching for its own sake.  Stitches looking for a place to work.  Stitches competing with each other in a myriad of patterns and scales.  Such stitches can take over the garment making it something totally different from whence it started its life.



Egome denim excels in creative repair for both women's and men's jeans. Using hand printed indigo cloth from Japan they embellish and "repair" adding authentic attitude to their easy fitting jeans.

Create & Decorate : Denim Tattooing

Why is tattooing largely the domaine of denim heads?  Both women and men who love tattoos also love denim.  Both denim and tattooing represent an anti establishment attitude, against the rules, being creative, doing your thing.  Denim provides the blank canvas for personal creativity be it ripping and shredding, ripping repairing, heavy destruction or pure art denim.  Just as the body is the blank canvas for artistic, political or personal expression.

Forearms for mens tattoos enable them to visibly combine their denim with their tattoos.  Tattoos  are mostly indigo thereby being a perfect combo with their special denims.

Tattoos are depictions of symbols, creatures, mythology and political or emotional statements. Likewise are decorations on denim. Denim messages and stories are as effective as body tattoos.

From mythical creatures to delicate ethnic patterns in indigo both on fabric and on skin, such  decoration has become a hugely important part of our fashion scene.  Even if those that sport it do not regard them selves as being "in fashion".  Such decoration and embellishment renders our clothing so much more exciting and personal.  

Create & Decorate: Jeans as a Canvas

Personalisation and creativity in jeanswear has been around since mid last century.  Then it was a craft based exercise to make the garment " something more" decorated in either embroidery or appliqué. With decoration being the key aim. Now it is much more about flamboyance and statement, hand painting, pure artistry, messages, motifs, branding - all of which are much more hard hitting than as pure decoration.

Hand painted canvas applique onto the back of a 1950's denim jacket. Make your denims more unique and personal - express yourself through your clothes.

Energie hand painted jeans. Mid Western hand painted ecru jeans - real statement denim as art.

Caine Jeanswear plus hand painted items from Denim by PV 2016. Ecru hand painted jeans the authors own.

Create & Decorate: Decorative Branding

Branding is as essential a part of the jean as is the type and shade of the denim.  Branding not only positions the products but also makes those products more (or less) desirable.   Therefore it is essential that the visual appeal of the brand is as desirable as the product.  In designing the brand image creativity is a big deal.  I must love the look of the brand as much as the content. Decorative flamboyance in branding was more evident in the early days of the jean. It is less so today.

Vintage original branding tags.  Tags were used to express a significant a meaning, to empower the brand.

Leather patches were even used to portray a message. And of course the original Levi patch signified the strength of the product - two horses trying to pull apart a pair of jeans.  This remains in use today.

Create & Decorate : Vintage Decoration

Decoration has always been a part of the clothing or fashion scene and no less than in the arena of denim over a century ago.   Embroidered and appliqué motifs have a naive simplistic charm randomly positioned across a jacket.  For it was jackets that were then mainly used as vehicles for decoration. We also see examples of vintage embellishment where the stitchery has proliferated for its own sake, the jean or jacket becoming a blank canvas for colour and pattern in overworked threads. 

Embroidered motifs and applique were and still are used to decorate and make a statement - jeanswear was the clothing sector in which such personalisation proliferated.

Decorations were mostly naive imagery - almost childlike in their simplicity but jeans were also used as a canvas for political statement.

Vintage kimonos lent inspiration to western decoration.

Mexican motifs, creative leatherwork and embroidery proliferated in the 60's and 70's. Such creative stitchery looks fresh again today in 2016.