Create & Decorate : Denim Tattooing

Why is tattooing largely the domaine of denim heads?  Both women and men who love tattoos also love denim.  Both denim and tattooing represent an anti establishment attitude, against the rules, being creative, doing your thing.  Denim provides the blank canvas for personal creativity be it ripping and shredding, ripping repairing, heavy destruction or pure art denim.  Just as the body is the blank canvas for artistic, political or personal expression.

Forearms for mens tattoos enable them to visibly combine their denim with their tattoos.  Tattoos  are mostly indigo thereby being a perfect combo with their special denims.

Tattoos are depictions of symbols, creatures, mythology and political or emotional statements. Likewise are decorations on denim. Denim messages and stories are as effective as body tattoos.

From mythical creatures to delicate ethnic patterns in indigo both on fabric and on skin, such  decoration has become a hugely important part of our fashion scene.  Even if those that sport it do not regard them selves as being "in fashion".  Such decoration and embellishment renders our clothing so much more exciting and personal.