Create & Decorate: Decorative Branding

Branding is as essential a part of the jean as is the type and shade of the denim.  Branding not only positions the products but also makes those products more (or less) desirable.   Therefore it is essential that the visual appeal of the brand is as desirable as the product.  In designing the brand image creativity is a big deal.  I must love the look of the brand as much as the content. Decorative flamboyance in branding was more evident in the early days of the jean. It is less so today.

Vintage original branding tags.  Tags were used to express a significant a meaning, to empower the brand.

Leather patches were even used to portray a message. And of course the original Levi patch signified the strength of the product - two horses trying to pull apart a pair of jeans.  This remains in use today.